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Master of Education (Early Years)

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Level of Study

Master's Degree


1.5 years


With Massey’s Master of Education (Early Years) you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to be a leader in early years education. It is of particular value for early childhood educators and early years teachers. It will also be valuable for:

  • facilitators of early childhood professional development
  • tertiary teachers in early childhood education/early years programmes
  • other professionals involved in the education of young children from birth to eight.

This qualification builds upon prior knowledge and experience in early years educational settings. It also supports you to develop your understandings and teaching practices through engagement with research, theory and other professionals.

Why study with us?
You will:

  • challenge and build your knowledge
  • enjoy extensive networking opportunities with other early years educators
  • focus on children from birth to eight, including the transition to school
  • have the opportunity to conduct, participate in and access current and relevant research in a supportive environment
  • choose from specialist and specific topics designed for your context
  • benefit from Massey University’s extensive experience in online, blended and distance qualifications
  • collaborate with our outstanding staff to advance your interests and engage in active research
  • contribute to the New Zealand knowledge base in early years education.

Your qualification options

The Master of Education does not qualify you to be a teacher in New Zealand. If you want to be a teacher, you will also need to take a postgraduate teaching qualification. Explore your options in our education pathways tool.


The Master of Education (Early Years) can lead to numerous opportunities, professionally and in voluntary positions in the community. You may be enhancing your career or broadening your knowledge. Your skills and teaching knowledge will always be highly valued by yourself and others, as well as being applicable to your day-to-day work.

Where will Master of Education (Early Years) take you?

Use your skills to directly benefit your early years students. Master of Education (Early Years) graduates work in many educational areas such as:

  • early childhood settings – leadership and management
  • resource teacher – learning and behaviour
  • ministry roles
  • facilitation roles
  • professional development and in-service teacher education
  • social work
  • educational psychology
  • early intervention specialists
  • initial teacher education
  • deputy principals
  • curriculum or syndicate leaders in junior primary schools
  • initial teacher education provider.

Planning overview

The Master of Education is a parts-based qualification. That means you must complete the first part, before moving to the second.

The maximum completion timeframe for the 180 credit Master of Education is five years.

Course work (professional inquiry) pathway

It is strongly recommended that all subject courses are completed first. The research methods courses should then be completed.

To progress to Part Two you will need a minimum B grade average in the first 120 credits of courses.

Research (thesis) pathway

It is strongly recommended that all subject courses are completed first. The research methods courses must then be completed.

To progress to Part Two you will need a minimum B+ grade average in the first 90 credits of courses.

Advanced entry

If you have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education you may apply for credit towards Part One of the qualification.

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