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CUCN postgraduate study towards the Master of Management for Massey University

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Study Options
Students who successfully complete the required postgraduate courses at CUCN can then enrol directly into the Massey University Master of Management majoring in Communication Management, and graduate after 1.5 years of successful full-time study with Massey University (0.5 years + 1.5 years).

New Zealand Qualification
The Master of Management is a professional qualification, designed to increase your business knowledge to help you move up the hierarchy of your career, or make a career change.

The Master of Management is a professional, relevant and contemporary qualification. Management involves both being able to work independently and making management decisions. But, you also need to be able to work with and direct teams of people. The Master of Management will help you develop the skills you need for effective management of people within your organisation and externally. The unique core of courses have a focus on the key business skills of communication and understanding current issues in business. We also have a broad range of specialisations to suit your interest and you will upskill in the core fundamentals of whichever area you choose.

You will learn from our business experts - Massey University has the largest and one of the most respected management schools in New Zealand.

The Master of Management is a rigorous programme, where you will be expected to achieve at a high level. The quality of our graduates reflects this, and contributes to the reputation of the qualification.

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