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Diploma in Arts (Indigenous Psychologies)

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1 year

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Expected July 2022


Manawatū Campus


If you have an interest in how culture influences psychology, then Massey’s Diploma in Arts (Indigenous Psychologies) is for you.

Indigenous (local) psychologies is a movement, perspective and approach that examines how the worldviews specific to particular (Indigenous) communities influence the thoughts and behaviours of group members.

Only specialisation of its kind

Massey offers the only specialisations in Indigenous psychologies in the South Pacific.

This diploma has been developed from an intellectual movement that recognises that ways of conceptualizing and interacting with reality differ greatly between individuals depending on their cultural affiliation and context. You’ll learn how and why Indigenous psychologies challenge the (assumed) universality of dominant Western psychological theories; explore phenomena, methods and theories from localised perspectives; and understand why this is necessary in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Indigenous psychologies explores how Indigenous perspectives/worldviews are integral to group and individual behaviour. You’ll learn why local knowledge systems are key to addressing local concerns. You’ll also gain awareness, knowledge and skills that will enable effective engagement with a range of people.

This programme provides a unique and exciting opportunity to fully appreciate the extraordinary contributions that Indigenous psychologies provide in our world.

A specialisation (endorsement) is optional, requiring at least 60 credits from the endorsement, including not more than 30 credits at 100-level.

Ensure across your courses you also have:

  • Not more than 75 credits at 100 level
  • At least 45 credits at 200 level or above
  • Not more than 15 credits above 100-level from outside of the Schedule to the Diploma
  • Not more than a total of 30 credits from outside of the Schedule to the Diploma.


The knowledge and skills gained from the Diploma in Arts (Indigenous Psychologies) will be foundational for a continued and life-long journey of exploration into how culture is integral to individual and group behaviour. Appreciating Indigenous psychologies will be useful in many careers where human interaction and behaviour is key, such as:

  • public health
  • counselling
  • psychological services
  • education.

Further study

The Diploma in Arts (Indigenous Psychologies) will provide foundational skills and awareness required for further postgraduate study in psychology at Massey, and is highly recommended if you wish to pursue a career as a registered psychologist.

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