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New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Applied) (Level 3)

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Level of Study



10 weeks

Next start date

Expected Apr 2023


Kiwi College of New Zealand


The aim of this training scheme is to develop learners’ English language skills at an upper-intermediate level, so they are able to communicate effectively and appropriately in a New Zealand high school.

The course has been designed to prepare students to be confident and accurate users of English in all four English language skills for a New Zealand high school context. It is expected that students who complete this course will be able to qualify their opinions to a degree at which they can answer spontaneously when asked questions. They will be applying their knowledge and their use of grammar with few errors and be able to give short presentations on a familiar topic relevant to a NZ high school setting to their classmates. It is expected overall fluency will be at the stage where they do not need to rely on their ethnic language for understanding the English equivalent of words or phrases.


  • Reading and Writing Skills: Knowledge and skills on comprehension, explanation and writing of extended texts on a wide range
  • of topics of relevance to a New Zealand high school context with fewer errors in syntax, cohesion, content and grammar and the
  • ability to infer meaning from the text.
  • Listening and Speaking Skills: Knowledge and ability on understanding and explaining extended oral texts and participation
  • flexibly and effectively in extended discussions on a wide range of topics relevant to a NZ high school context.

Entry criteria

• Have an English language proficiency level equivalent to CEFR Low B2.
• Enrol in the Kiwi College High School Preparation (Advanced English) Course.
• Enrol in NZCEL L4 (General), (Employment) or (Academic).
• Enrol in a NZ high school in year 11 or 12.

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