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We have hosted international students at Cambridge High School since 1989. We are a highly respected, co-educational school.
We have four dedicated staff specifically to assist international students while they are at our school. We accept students at any time throughout the year. We have modern facilities and an excellent teaching staff. Cambridge Town itself is beautiful, safe, centrally located and easy for students to live and study successfully in its environment.

Cambridge High School has had International Students studying at the school since 1989. We are very proud of the care and attention that our students receive while they are studying at our school in Cambridge. We look forward to welcoming you soon to our school.

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Quote from an International Student:

"New Zealand wasn’t my first choice but definitely a decision I don’t regret. I have become much more active, confident in my learning and time management during the last two years at Cambridge High School. The education system is totally different from other countries.

NCEA doesn’t require students to pass every single assessment with an excellent result. It’s more about deeply understanding a point of each lesson, since sometimes you only need that to be able to pass the test.

The teachers always encourage me to state my opinion and find multiple ways to make it persuasive. New Zealand’s method of teaching and approach of a problem has helped me to be more of a critical thinker than a robot that repeats everything it hears.

School normally starts at 8:40AM and finishes at 3:15PM, allows me to get enough sleep and time for school work, as well as my own time to play sport, or to spend time with my host family.

Since I am allowed to choose our own subjects, I believe that my time and effort is wisely spent on things that are advantageous for me in the future, at the same time not having to worry about things that don’t matter as much. It’s not easy to find someone that suits my personality and understand your culture, lifestyle.

But once I’ve bonded with them, I couldn’t ask for anything else. My host family this year has been so helpful and caring. Not only that they make sure I have a good house to live in, but also try to make it feel like home.

I truly love the stress-free environment of New Zealand and how beautiful, fresh and peaceful this country is. I never thought I’d be able to find joy in such a quiet country, but the experience I had in New Zealand has definitely changed my mind!"


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Cambridge High School
25 Swayne Road
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+64 7 827 5415
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