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Manukau Christian School




Manukau Christian School is an academically focused Year 1 to 13 school. 

Offering a nurturing environment and focussing on relationships, our mission is to develop each child to use their God-given gifts in His service. 

As a parent, when your child starts school, you want them to have the same care, attention and love as they would at home.  You want your child to be the best he or she can be.  Our team of dedicated teachers and staff relish the opportunity to help your child to discover their gifts, to nurture them and to encourage them in their God-given abilities - to be the best they can be!  

Teaching the Cambridge curriculum from a uniquely biblical worldview sets patterns in place, both spiritually and academically.  These are the patterns and habits that children learn.  It sets them up for life.  

At MCS we endeavour to put Christ at the centre of all, by seeking to teach the truth in all matters, everyday. 

Christian teachers love and care for your children and seek to hold high Christian values before your child.  We encourage your child to develop a servant heart: looking outward rather than inward, thereby developing leadership and initiative.  We expect the best from your child and strive to achieve the best. 

Our aim is to assist parents in the education of their children by providing an environment where academic excellence, godly character and servant leadership are developed in accordance with biblical truths and principles.

We do this by:

  • Nurturing and teaching within a biblical framework so that children may stand as effective, strong, mature Christians in their adult years;
  • Laying a solid basis of skills and knowledge to enable our pupils to live as responsible servants of God in the world;
  • Helping our students to understand the conflicting beliefs and values that are part of the way of life in New Zealand today.

More about Manukau Christian School

Manukau Christian School is an academically focused Year 1 to 13 school with a roll of 220 (February 2018). Our mission is to educate children and teens to achieve to their academic potential and to know their place in God’s world as servants, leaders and stewards.  We achieve this through offering Cambridge International Examinations and by keeping a biblical worldview central to the curriculum.  Our CIE results are excellent.  Teaching and learning take place within a clean, green, fenced campus in the pleasant suburb of Manurewa. Our campus is only a 5 minute walk from a bus station, a train station and a shopping complex.


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Manukau Christian School
77 Rogers Road
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+64 9 269 1050
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