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A warm welcome from Otago Girls’ High School! We can offer you a wide variety of options for study, sport and cultural activities. We offer 8 languages, photography, outdoor education,media studies and many other options as well as traditional subjects of Mathematics, Science and Business. We are situated in the historic city of Dunedin. Dunedin has a population of 120,000 and is located on the East Coast of the South Island. All of our students live with host families. These families are wonderful people who love to open their homes to international students.

Otago Girls' High School is the oldest girls' school in the Southern Hemisphere and we are very proud of our heritage and traditions. Otago Girls' has an international reputation for academic excellence, as well as success in sporting and cultural activities. We enjoy strong links with the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic.

Our history and our heritage are two things of which we are immensely proud.  These aspects, along with our values, underpin our programmes of learning.  Respect for yourself, for other people and for the global community are the cornerstone values that bind and guide us. 

Otago Girls' High School strives for academic excellence and our NCEA results at all levels exceed the National averages. In 2017 93.4% of our students obtained NCEA Level 1 (National 84.2%), 96.8% obtained Level 2 (National 88.7%) and 94% obtained Level 3 (National 82.4%). In 2017 84.6% of our students obtained University Entrance compared with 59.9% nationally. All students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are required to sit the NCEA examinations.

Our facilities, teaching approaches and curriculum have been designed to provide you with the skills, attitudes and knowledge you will need to be global citizens of the future, while the supportive and friendly environment will encourage you to be the best that you can be.  Complementing our excellent academic programmes is an exciting range of sporting, cultural and other opportunities to learn outside the classroom.  All of these opportunities are supported by a sophisticated eLearning infrastructure and philosophy of teaching that increasingly allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. 

Our school motto in Latin is Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant – The Right Education Makes the Heart as Strong as Oak.

The Māori parallel is Mā Te Matauraka Ka Tū Teitei Te Tōtara – Through Education the Totara Tree will Stand Tall. 

It is our aim to ensure that every girl who passes through our doors will indeed stand tall and be strong of heart.   

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International Student Quote:

"I’ve just joined OGHS recently but I immediately fell in love with the school. It was hard to say goodbye to Vietnam after all those years, at the same time I was very excited to go to a new country, study in a new place, meeting new friends. Dunedin is awesome with beautiful scenery, delicious ice cream and good books. The fact that it was not crowded and loud pleased me. I could just lie on the grass, enjoy ice cream while reading books. The thought of attending a girls’ school has never bothered me, I used to study in a class that girls are nine times more than boys! My first day at school was a pleasant memory, I was a new student struggled to find classrooms, I did not even remember where the toilets are, however I quickly found it because the other girls helped me, they took me to my classrooms, showed me the school map so that I will never get lost again. I really love being around the Kiwi girls, they are so friendly with a big smile on their faces. Whenever I was not sure about something, I could just ask them without any hesitation that they will laugh at me. Ever since I got here, I was more interested in studying than ever. I enjoy co-operating with my classmates and working with my teachers, they were always motivated and encouraging. They inspired me with many fascinating stories from years of experience as a teacher.

My most favorite subject definitely is Outdoor Education. We had a lot of times being outside to do rock climbing, abseiling and camping. The school has a really high climbing wall, it is even taller than the school building, and I am very proud to be the first Vietnamese girl to touch its top. Also, I tried out fencing for the first time, although I’m not good at it, but I still enjoy it as it suits my personality as a fierce girl. I think OGHS is a place that every girl belongs; the school will embrace you no matter what you were made of. If you are not good at music you can go for sports; if you are not keen on sports you can make poems; if you don’t like poems you can take photos and the school will frame it on the Main Hall. You can be whatever you want to be, and OGHS always supports you."


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