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Wakaaranga school principal, Brent Jenkin makes no apology for the fact that the school has a strong emphasis on excellence.  Our motto is 'To be the best I can possibly be'. This is not just something we stick on a wall and forget about, but it is a belief we instil in all of our students. 

Wakaaranga School caters for pupils from wide cultural and social backgrounds. We recognise and value the changing nature of the school population and the cultural diversity. Students initially attend a transition programme in our ESOL room where they have a total immersion in an English-rich environment. Concentrated English is taught by fully qualified ESOL trained teachers to small groups to ensure each student receives individual attention. Lessons are designed at an appropriate level to meet the needs of each individual student.

Attendance in the ESOL room enables the student to:

  • Achieve a level of competency in both oral and written English
  • Gain self confidence in a safe and friendly environment
  • Understand the requirements and expectations of Wakaaranga Primary School
  • Experience a different culture perspective
  • Gain an understanding of the New Zealand Educational System
  • Gain skills in listening and oral language to help integration into the mainstream classes
  • We also facilitate a buddy system, which allows our International Students time to build a one on one relationship with a New Zealand student, and have an opportunity to interact with their buddy’s peers.

More about Wakaaranga School

The Board of Trustees, Parent Teacher Association and staff have worked hard over the last few years to provide high quality facilities enabling Wakaaranga School to maintain high standards. All classrooms have seven laptop computers and a wireless network that will allow students to use their own devices in the future. There is an excellent library, fully equipped with computers as well as books. The art room is complete with a kiln and dedicated specialist art teacher, Mrs Margaret Murray. With a large range of instruments, the music room is where specialist teacher, Mrs Sue Murray, tutors a choir and orchestra as well as taking some classroom music lessons. A private music provider, KBB Music offers Year 4 to 6 students the opportunity to learn an instrument and play in a band one day a week. “Our gifted and talented students are involved in an extension programme that includes advanced work in mathematics and research,” Brent says. “For more challenged students there are withdrawal classes for reading, writing, mathematics and ESOL. We undertake to bring all students up to standard in less than two years and we provide the facilities to make that happen.” 


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Wakaaranga School
18 Butley Drive
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+64 9 576 8205
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