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Westminster Christian School




Welcome, Kia ora, Hallo, Hwan-yeong hap ni da, Ni hao!

We are a family orientated Christian school that is vibrant, dynamic and supportive. We have an excellent teaching programme and very professional staff who will help your child meet their potential in Christ.

Our aim at Westminster Christian School is to create a unique and enriching environment for all children, enabling them to reach their potential and preparing them to use their God given talents in a responsible way. Through the Spirit of God, we educate the children of Christian parents for time and eternity by providing a Christ-centred academic curriculum founded on a Biblical World View.

Our school is set on a sunny, 2 ½ hectare site in Albany, on Auckland’s North Shore. Our clean environment and well-established trees provide a peaceful backdrop to modern buildings, classrooms and playgrounds.

Our school is multi-cultural with 14 cultures. Our community attends 42 differing churches on the North Shore and Auckland City.

International students are integrated into regular classes across Years 1 to 8 and where appropriate receive extra support in particular subjects. We also provide English as a Second Language (ESOL) teaching, either individually or in small groups during class time if required.


More about Westminster Christian School

Why Westminster Christian School?

  • Nurturing environment with strong community feel
  • Christ-centred curriculum
  • Excellent academic results
  • Small classes
  • Contemporary & diverse
  • Biblical values
  • Easily accessible from North Shore & West Auckland

“My school has lots of outdoor space to run around and an adventure playground that is great fun to climb on. I like having small classes too because then we get more time with our teachers.”

“The teachers at Westminster really care about us. They teach us lots of interesting things about science, technology and computers, which are my favourite things.”


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Westminster Christian School
31 Westminster Gardens
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+64 9 444 1983
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