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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) provides undergraduate scholarships to recognise student academic achievement and contribution to the University. As well as recognising academic achievement these scholarships also recognise potential leadership.


• Applicants must be studying at AUT and be completing their second, fourth or sixth semester of study at the time of application.

• Applicants should normally either:  achieve a GPA of 7.0 (A-) across a minimum of 120pts in the year of application; or o have either contributed at a high level to the University or community, or have proven financial hardship and achieve a minimum GPA of 6.5 (B+/A-) across a minimum of 120pts in the year of application; or o be recorded as having M?ori or Pacific first ethnicity in ARION or have attended a South Auckland Decile 1-4 Secondary School and achieve a minimum GPA of 5.0 (B) across a minimum of 120pts in the year of application. GPA eligibility will be assessed by the Scholarships Office once semester results are final.

• Special consideration will be given to applicants who are making a significant contribution to the University or community. 

• An applicant wishing to be considered as under financial hardship will be required to provide evidence i.e. IRD statement of income plus supply a reference from someone other than a family member supporting the financial need.

• Applicants must enroll full-time (no less than 120pts per annum) in the year following application. If an applicant has undertaken an approved international exchange programme during the year of application the GPA will be assessed across the AUT papers only, providing the applicant passes all papers undertaken as part of the exchange.

• Recipients of this scholarship may reapply in subsequent years. 

How to apply?

Applications will open in October. Application is through the AUT online scholarship portal. Applicants must complete the AUT Undergraduate Scholarship Application online through the AUT Scholarships.

Closing date: 15 November (a small round will be available 15 June for students who commenced study mid-year)

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