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An international student is using her laptop to help her study online from her desk at home

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온라인 강의를 통한 미래 지향적인 교육

뉴질랜드 교육기관의 온라인 과정을 선택해야 하는 이유는 무엇인가요?

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A student in New Zealand shakes hands with a prospective employer


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An Information Technology student holding a laptop is working with a robot in front of a chessboard

컴퓨터공학과 수리과학

A student who is studying out in the field smiles at the camera while holding a magnifying glass and object they are studying

응용 및 순수과학

Three students are working together in a state-of-the-art medical lab, while all wearing full medical scrubs, masks and safety gear.


Two students in a classroom are being shown a Maori art pattern and taught about Māori culture by their lecturer


Students working on a robotic arm


A student works on his laptop

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여러분이 거주하는 국가에서 온라인 과정을 수강하고 싶으신가요?

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