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​​Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice and Leadership

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Level of Study

Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma


2.5 years (part time)

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In the modern professional landscape it is important to be informed by evidence-based practice, so as to support the best outcomes for those that we work with. At BTI we also recognise that we are created to not just engage with the social and physical aspects of people’s lives in the places where we live and work, but also with the spiritual dimension. It is this unique aspect of our approach, together with an integration of theoretical, personal, and professional learning spaces that this programmes offers.

A key component of our professional master’s degree programme is to heighten awareness of one’s own gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and ways of thinking that influence our ‘ways of being’. By engaging in this way, students enter into an iterative dialogue between the existing literature, personal experience, the Biblical narrative and their own professional context, allowing each to inform the other. These cycles of critical reflection provide opportunities for questioning societal, cultural, and institutional norms and potentially challenging some of the prevailing assumptions and values that inform them.

Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice​

All students enrol on the Master’s programme, but there is the option for some students to exit after completion of the four 30 credit taught courses without completing the thesis.

Students would then be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice and Leadership qualification.


Applicants are welcomed from all professional backgrounds who are seeking to transition to a deeper level of understanding of the intersection between their personal gifts and calling and their professional context. The completion of a reputable postgraduate programme of study such as the Master of Professional Practice and Leadership can facilitate career advancement either within a current professional field, or into an allied field.


Graduates will be supported and encouraged to:

  • Harmonise their professional, personal, cultural and spiritual identities to catalyse and sustain professional growth.
  • Develop a reflective researcher-practitioner stance as a foundation for excellence in evidence-based practice
  • Engage with multiple perspectives with humility, empathy and grace.
  • Draw upon their faith and spirituality in a way that is a meaningful and integral part of their professional work
  • Consider the various benefits and challenges of different leadership approaches and locate oneself within this landscape.
  • Develop an attitude of ongoing learning, curiosity and inquiry.

Entry criteria

  • A copy of a completed University transcript of a NZQA approved Level 7 Bachelor Degree.

    • Students without a Bachelor Degree will be invited to submit an essay with their application, and will be required to successfully complete MPP841 with at least a B grade before progressing.

    • For overseas degrees an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) must be completed by the applicant for NZQA approved Level 7 NZ Equivalency.

    • A minimum of 2 years professional experience.

    • Evidence of belonging to a profession (e.g. a copy of provisional or full registration with a professional registration board or membership of a professional association).

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