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Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA)

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Level of Study

Bachelor's Degree


3 years


The Bachelor of Performing Arts degree requires three years of full-time study and offers specialisations in the combined study of music, theatre and dance.

The degree totals 360 points and is made up of music, theatre and dance papers but may include up to 90 points (usually five papers) in further specializations in music, theatre, dance or other subjects.

Graduates of the degree will be able to pursue careers in a wide range of musical/theatrical forms and styles, as well as in musical and theatrical education, media, and other related fields.

The Bachelor of Performing Arts is a blended specialist degree that contains practice-based training in some key areas for which students must pass an audition to be accepted.

Programme Requirements


THEA 153 Voice and Movement

One of:

  • MUSI 103 Popular Music
  • MUSI 104 World Music
  • MUSI 105 Music Matters
  • THEA 122 Drama on Stage and Screen

Above 100-level

MUSI, THEA, PERF or DANC papers above 100-level worth 126 points, including 300-level papers worth at least 72 points


Further papers worth 198 points, including 54 above 100-level, comprising:

  • MUSI, THEA, PERF or DANC papers worth 108 points ( MAOR 108 may be substituted for one 18-point paper);
  • Further papers in any subjects worth 90 points

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