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Otamatea Christian School




Otamatea Christian School is located in the warmer northern region of NZ near Auckland. We are close to both coasts and the largest harbour in the southern hemisphere. We are a small, well established school, focusing on one on one teaching and excellence requiring pass marks of 80% or higher. We offer two types of enrolment. Regular enrolments as day students and our exciting new, Ministry of Education approved distance learning enrolments. Regular students live close to the school and attend the school daily. Distance learning students can live and attend school from almost anywhere. Distance learners can attend the school physically at times or work from home connecting with their teachers online. This new option provides flexibility for international students. Otamatea Christian School is non-denominational and accepts students from all walks of life who respect our special character. The curriculum resources are American phonics based and provide excellent English Grammar skills. We offer a variety of certificates, two of which are recognised as university entrance in NZ. Students work on individual work plans starting at their level of ability. International students often complete two years’ work in a single year and graduate earlier than New Zealand students their age and they can gain additional qualifications to their certificate.

Students are encouraged to become part of the school family and to take part in the wider life of the community to broaden their social interactions where they can practice and polish their English skills. Extracurricular activities enclose sport, singing, music, and drama. The school’s location makes the best of what the NZ outdoors has to offer without the distractions of a large city. Students benefit from new experiences in clean, fresh air while being able to focus on study and achieving top marks. International student numbers are limited insuring international student are speaking English daily to communicate, which produces quick results. Come and join our family.

Student Testimony

My name is Fiona, and I’m a freshman in high school.  When I was just 8 years old (Year 3), my family moved to New Zealand from China.  I took the diagnostic test of the Otamatea Christian School when I first started, and I was startled by the fact that I couldn’t even read the term “brother” correctly.  My principal, Mr. Bell at that time told me that it would take me six months to learn English and a year to be able to speak with others without a language barrier.  And sure enough, his predictions were true.  For five years at Otamatea Christian School, I learned to comprehend, read, and write and excel in all of them.  I was a top-class student when I entered secondary school (Epsom Girls Grammar School).  My teachers thought highly of the talks and presentations I presented.  Excellent and really engaged, according to my report.  These were all only made possible with the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Bell.  My foundation was so strong that my math teacher, English teacher and classmates all inquired as to whether I attended a prestigious school.  They all questioned me about my school’s name.  I am very proud to have studied at this school.  The school has helped me adjust to high school successfully.  Over the course of my five years at Otamatea Christian School, I also have learned appropriate behaviour and manners.  My family was helped significantly by the school as well.  My family and I adapted well to life in New Zealand thanks to the principal’s wife and his kind invitations to parties and fishing trips.  My family is very appreciative.  

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Otamatea Christian School
98 Hurndall Street East, Maungaturoto
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+64 09 431 8487
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