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Lincoln University Doctoral Scholarships

Number of awards

All eligible students

Closing date

1st October

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Eligibility Criteria

Scholarships will be open to applicants who have gained entrance into a Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University.

If a candidate awarded a scholarship under 3(1) above does not become eligible to register for Doctor of Philosophy at Lincoln University by 1 March in the year following the award, then the award will lapse.

Applicants must be new to the Lincoln University Doctoral programme at the commencement of the Semester immediately following the award OR have registered for the Lincoln University Doctoral Programme no more than six months prior to the closing date of applications. Applicants in the latter category who have presented their research proposal will not normally be considered for the scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria: (1) Academic Merit - A minimum grade point average equating to an A- (80%) average is required in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. (2) Research or other relevant experience

How to apply?

Candidates shall submit applications no later than 1 October of the year preceding the award of the scholarship. Applications will be submitted on the form provided by the Scholarships Manager.

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