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Orion Master's Energy Scholarship

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Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is tenable for an enrolment of up to 120 points, by full-time and part-time students who are enrolled at the University in either: a. a programme for a master’s degree that includes a thesis, dissertation, or research project with a credit weighting of at least 90 points relating to the energy field in the broadest sense; or b. a programme for an MEngSt (Renewable Energy) degree that includes a 30-point research project.

By 10 December in the year of application: a. applicants must have met the academic requirements for enrolment in the qualifying programme at the University; b. applicants must have received final confirmed grades for the qualifying degree; and

c. applicants requiring admission with equivalent standing must have had this admission confirmed unconditionally (including any English language requirements).

For applicants who have completed the academic requirements but not the non-academic requirements for the BE(Hons) degree, offers of awards are conditional on the completion and crediting of the non-academic requirements by 15 March in the year following application. Students may not take up the scholarship until such non-academic requirements have been completed and credited.

Tenure: The scholarship is tenable for the period necessary to complete up to 120 points of enrolment

How to apply?

Applications must be made online at the Scholarships website by 15 October. 

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