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Student wearing a suit and carrying a shoulder bag.

A New Zealand education can give you the qualifications and skills to excel anywhere in the world in your chosen career.

Jenna Hannon, Marketing Manager at Uber

Ragavan Rajan from India, studying a Master of Information Technology at the University of Waikato

educators helping students to build employability skills

Employability skills

Globally-recognised qualifications

What jobs are in demand in New Zealand?

If you complete a qualification in an area that is skilled and in demand in new Zealand, you may be able to continue working in New Zealand after your post-study work visa by applying for a different type of work visa or a skilled migrant visa.

An Information Technology student holding a laptop is working with a robot in front of a chessboard

Information technology

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Engineering students on site at a wind turbine farm


Dentistry student doing practical work

Health and medicine

Wu Hongbo, from China, studied English language at Victoria University in Wellington

students working part time while they study

Working while you study

Working on a student visa

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